Our school and academy experience is well established throughout the State of Maine.  A school is a place most people can relate to in some fashion.  What makes these buildings tick?  How does professional design make a difference?  Studies have shown that inspirational architecture can encourage learning.  This design is a great responsibility that we take very seriously here at Merriam Architects.  With a creative spirit, we approach each client with fresh ideas that address issues of their unique environment.

We have many repeat clients that serve to demonstrate our successful design and construction collaborations.  Superintendents, administrators, teachers, students, and school boards work with us to determine the best direction for their institutions.  Consideration for history and tradition are often paired with a vision for the future.  From facilities studies to finished dormitories or classroom buildings, our expertise serves to provide a well thought out plan and final execution in built form.  In this process we will consider budget constraints, available options, and phasing possibilities.

The best designs include basic concepts that provide schools with a happy and healthy environment.  Daylighting and ventilation alone can increase the comfort of a space.  This combined with colors, views, positive orientation can make the difference for a student or staff member.  Subtle differences are vitally important in today’s learning environment.  Our attention to detail and experience with design make a difference in our clients new spaces.