Over the years we have had the pleasure of designing homes for our clients.  Whether it is a house or apartment, the experience of living is considered in every step.  Quality of light, spaciousness, open view corridors, and a feeling of belonging are especially important qualities we strive for.  In the end a personal space that has meaning to our clients is most important.

At Merriam Architects, a forward thinking approach is always taken with our projects.  Sustainable or “green” concepts are integrated from the first meeting to the finished structure.  Products and building techniques are typically weighed against a building life cycle cost analysis and personal environmental beliefs.  The result is a new dwelling with a smaller carbon footprint and a higher environmental value.

Rockland has been the home of our practice for over 20 years.  During this time we have made important local connections.  We can help find a quality builder to follow through on our design.  This relationship is often vital to the successful completion of a quality home.