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“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”
— Julia Morgan, Architect

Our skills & experience

Merriam Architects is always striving for the next best design.  Our expertise, personal attention, and detailed design is exemplified in our work.  We listen to our clients and respond to their needs with a tailored approach for each project.  The result is beautiful creations to experience,  with functional and sustainable living.  Our projects are successful in joining Architect and client to enhance the built environment that surrounds us.

As Architects in Maine we feel our rich history informs our design process.  While context is not the bottom line, respect for our surroundings is a key element that will tie our design to the environment.  As we build for the future we are mindful of our heritage and prepared for improvements in the structures we help create.  Shaping the places we live, work, and play in is our business and we enjoy the journey with our clients.

With varied backgrounds in construction and design our team brings practical experience to the table.  Working with different firms over the years in various states has given us a well rounded perspective on architecture and the people who create it.  In order to mold the clay that is a design project a staff is needed who is willing to take advice, adapt and understand each project is different.  A principal who is willing to offer counsel to help achieve the ultimate goal is paramount.  We feel like we strike that balance here.

Above all else we are Architects.  We love what we do and look forward sharing our ideas with the world.

Jason Merriam

Jason Merriam
Maine Licensed Architect
New Hampshire Licensed Architect